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Thursday, March 11, 2010


When I created this blog, I was intending two things:

1) That it would be about learning through play, games, and toys.
2) That it would mostly be a place for me to make note of publications and other resources I've found for later reference.

Since then I've realized two things:

1) That kind of learning is one thing that I study and am interested in, but by far not the only thing (I knew that already), and I'd like to post more general stuff as well.
2) Focusing only on what other people say without ever saying anything myself (except brief comments on what they say) doesn't make for an exciting blog, nor does it really make me excited to update it.

So this blog just got a new URL (from play-learning to cognitive-informalist), a new description, and will now have both more general learning content (but toys and games are still a big focus!) and possibly more original content. Possibly.